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Wimpy required a campaign to drive more feet into the stores during the day. The target audience was mothers and their children.

McEwans, the advertising agency who works for the Famous Brands group, conceptualised the campaign. Firstly, Loony Tunes characters were printed on large cartoon posters with the faces cut out, to attract kids to Wimpy restaurants. The idea was for the child to place his/her face through the hole where the cartoon character’s face would be, and for the mother to take a picture of her child. For this process to happen, the mothers needed an incentive to do this, thus weekly prices were made available.

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Prospero provided McEwans with the coding and functionality for the application. The pictures of the children were MMS’d or emailed to the Prospero server. Our server then replied with a SMS or email containing a link to the registration form.

After the user completed the registration form, our server matched the picture and registration which completed the entry process.

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Client Info
In Cape Girardeau, a Wimpy’s hamburger business began in a small stand next to a filling station located by the entrance to Arena Park. The Wimpy’s hamburger stand was first owned by the Bilderbacks in 1935. Today it is one of the most well-known family restuarant chains in South Africa, most famous for theur coffee and Wimpy burgers.
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