Supporting Services

Most businesses will spend their entire budget on the design of a website without making sure that it can work properly. This means that their website might look great but they lack good content and the website is plagued by constant failures. Outsourcing the supportive services of your website to Prospero ensures that quality content is regularly uploaded and that an experienced team can fix any bugs on your website. We use an effective Content Management System that will ensure that your workflow is as smooth as possible.

When you decide to create your own website one of the first and most important decisions will be who will host you website. The website host will have a large influence on what the users will see in the end. This means that if the website experience regular down time, a slow connection and the inability to host a large amount of users your clients will stop using the website and your image can be severely damaged.
Webmaster & Maintenance Services
Having a proper website maintenance plan is one of the most important things when creating a new website. With the right plan you can fix any problems that will arise and any input from your user base can be implemented to make the entire website more user friendly.
Email & Email Branding Services
When you send an email to a client or a prospective client you are immediately representing your company, this goes for everyone in your company. To make things look better create a set of email brandings that automatically gets added to every email sent from the company.
Bulk SMS & Email Services
When you want to reach hundreds, even thousands of clients at the same time sending them an email or SMS one at a time will definitely just be a waste of time. To solve this problem you can hire Prospero to simply send a bulk SMS or bulk email that will reach all of your clients or users at the same time. This is usually a subscription service that they have to subscribe to and can be anything from a promotion or a monthly newsletter.

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