Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and all the rest has caused a massive explosion of social media. People no longer rely entirely on news websites for their updates. By reading what the world is doing through these social sites they can easily see what is happening in the world.

If you don’t want to be left behind you have to have make your presence known on the social scenes

Social Analytics, Tracking & Reporting
When you have a Facebook or Twitter account there is a certain amount of data that you want to know. Seeing how many people are reading your posts, how many are reposting and liking them are important.
Data Mining
When you want a more in depth analysis of what the trends are and how your social campaigns are doing you will start Data Mining. The process of taking a large amount of data and processing it into useful information is a lengthy and tricky process.
Conversation Monitoring
By following what your clients and users say about you, your brand and your company we can clearly see what they want and what they want to see more of. This enables everyone involved in the social media campaign to better understand what should be posted. Prospero can do this and more, we will make sure that your social media is always up to date and that everything is working smoothly.
Platform Development
If you are new to the social media scene everything might look a bit daunting. All the different kinds of accounts, the different social sites and the large amount of regulation that have to be followed can overwhelm even the most experienced account holders.

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