Digital Marketing

Search engines and social websites use ranking systems and other various techniques to rank where certain websites show up on search results. These techniques are also applied to adverts and the various ways that the search engines work.

Prospero can help you to have a better search engine ranking and increase the visibility of your website on the Internet.

Pay Per Click Advertising
Pay per click is an Internet advertising model where advertisers pay an amount every time someone clicks on their advertisements. Ads are displayed in a number of formats (including Text Ads, Video Ads and Image Ads) and can be displayed on search engine result pages (SERPs), social media websites or even on individual websites. Google AdWords is the largest and best-known pay-per-click platform and is also the platform that we use to run PPC campaigns.
Internet Marketing
Just having a Website for your company is not enough to give you exposure to your potential customers, getting this kind of exposure requires online marketing efforts that will help your company reach your target online audience, this is referred to as Internet Marketing.
Web Analytics
Web Analytics is the measurement, collection and analysis of internet data used to study and optimise online experience. Web Analytics gives you rich insights into your website traffic and the effectiveness of your marketing.
Social Media Campaigns
Social Media is an Internet marketing strategy that is used to achieve a company’s or organisations marketing goals through the use of various Social Media platforms. Social Media focuses on the creation of content that will attract the attention of readers and encourages them to share it within their social networks.
Search Engine Optimization / SEO
Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving various internal and external factors of a website so that it will have greater visibility on search engines (such as Google, Bing and Yahoo).

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